Welcome to Honor & Grace.  My name is Alisa Culyer and I am a Mom to 2 sweet lil' girls, Wife, Sister, and Friend to many.  Honor is my littlest ones middle name and Grace is my oldest daughter's which makes up the company name. 

Honor & Grace is your one stop shop for interior design, staging, landscape & renovation.  I am dedicated to providing you excellent customer service, the best product price & a unique style to design.

I have always had an eye for design. From an early age I found myself decorating my parents house, helping them select paint color for rooms, and rearranging my bedroom furniture as if  the small space had much square footage to change. Each of these times I realized my enjoyment and love for color, textures, furniture and all things design.  As I grew within my careers, I continued to assist friends with decorating needs and within time I realized my passion needed to be full force.

My goal is to capture your desired style within a comfortable budget.  I find joy in sourcing beautiful product at manageable price-points for homeowners.   

I truly believe that updating your home, staging your home or renovations do not have to break the bank and with patience and smart shopping skills it can be done!  

I work with a group of talented contractors that have proven project after project that they are very skilled at what they do and I am blessed to have them as partners.

I am thrilled to offer services throughout the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky areas and will travel as needed. 
I hope that you give me the opportunity to take those dreams to create the space for you to enjoy. 

dream. create. enjoy.